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Are you about your smile? As a cosmetic dentist in Hamilton, we have a variety of procedures to fix imperfections like discoloured or chipped teeth. Our procedures will transform your smile and create that lasting first impression


Veneers are custom shells made out of porcelain or composite material that fit to the front side of teeth. They are used to treat imperfections such as discoloured teeth, chipped or cracked teeth and cover spaces between teeth.






Very similar to a veneer, a Lumineer is made out of thinner, but very strong cerinate porcelain. They are used to treat the same problems as veneers.

Ceramic Crowns

A crown is often needed when a cavity is continually affecting the health of a tooth. They are made of ceramic material and completely cover or “cap” the tooth to protect it.

We are a Hamilton cosmetic dentist that wants you to show off your smile.




Full Mouth Reconstrucion

Click on the video below to find out how John’s dentist changed his smile.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can affect a person’s self esteem, and also cause health problems. Remaining teeth will try to shift to fill in the space, causing discomfort and pain, but we can help. Find out more about dental implants by clicking on the following videos:

Kim's Story Patient Stories Kim's Story


About Implants Dental Implants About Implants


Implant Procedure Dental Implants Implant Procedure



Contouring is procedure that a cosmetic dentist uses to rebuild and reshape smiles. If teeth are crooked, chipped or overlapping, the teeth are reduced in size and then rebuilt with a laminate material.


Bonding is an alternative choice to veneers and lumineers to improve both the look of your teeth and to fix gaps. A cosmetic dentist first applies a resin material to the teeth and then hardens it with a light.